Stop Feeling Split in Two: How to Prioritize Raising Your Family While Building a Business with Elizabeth Hartke

Elizabeth Hartke is back for part two with us today! In this episode, we are digging into a topic that is SO relatable to those who are parents and entrepreneurs. We’re talking about that idea of feeling split in two when you are called to build a legacy in your business and also be present with your family. We discuss how to connect those two worlds in service of a greater purpose. 

Show Notes: 

03:05 Is it Possible? 

Is it possible to build your dreams and follow your mission in business, while also being present and intentional as a parent? Liz shares how this is one of the most frequent dilemmas she hears from people in all levels of business. Often we hear that business and parenting need to be compartmentalized and separate to succeed. Liz advocates that this is not the way to do things, the answer is integrating the two worlds. 

11:28 The Beautiful Part of Entrepreneurship

So many people that I work with start their business as a side hustle, and often in secrecy from their kids. As their business grows, they try to continue to run it the same way. Doing this creates friction in both areas. Liz recommends including your kids and your family in your vision and your goals. You should open the lines of communication and allow them to have input.  

19:40 Seasons and Intention 

If business owners could bring the same level of intention that they bring to their business into their home, that intention goes a really long way. Even in seasons where it’s go time, it’s about getting really clear about what season you’re in. When the intention is there and the season is defined, it changes everything. 

28:52 Figuring Out Your Mission Together

Liz urges families to stop compartmentalizing and look at how you can go on the mission together. Growing up, Liz witnessed her mom’s calling in how she worked with people. Seeing that, learning from it and understanding the why behind it made her feel like she was a part of something bigger. Liz wants people to look at the deeper reason why you are doing the work you do, beyond surface level. 

34:50 Connecting the Business to What’s On Your Heart

I often hear people say that they are struggling with motivation and consistency. When you are called to do something, it’s harder NOT to show up. Let that inner purpose guide you, and your business is the vehicle to make that happen. You need to do that internal digging and align your heart to your daily actions. 

38:02 Breaking the Rules 

If you’ve hit the goals you want to hit and you’re wondering how to stay engaged moving forward, Liz invites people to break the rules and get connected to what you want. There is a difference between when you’re putting something out for validation vs when you’re putting something out there in service of a bigger mission. 

45:11 Growth and Hustle Aren’t Sustainable Forever 

If you’ve been in that season of growth and hustle, and you’re afraid that everything will crumble if you step away, you can allow your team to step into that season and give them time to shine. You can still be there to lead and support them, but you can’t stay in that growth and hustle forever.  You can have it all, but it requires doing things differently and figuring out how it’s in alignment for you. 

55:00 Rally Cry 

If you want to be a part of a group of people who are disrupting the entrepreneurship and parenthood status quo, and developing the confidence and the courage to go after it, Liz has created a rally cry movement. It’s a community for founder families who are more connected and mission driven than ever, with the resources and support to build their businesses and be there for their families. 

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