Cultivating an Entrepreneurial Spirit in Our Kids with Elizabeth Hartke

In this episode, I am talking with one of my favorite humans, Liz Hartke. She is an international business and leadership strategist and Founder of the Luminary Leadership Company and Podcast. Liz teaches entrepreneurs to shift from creating a business to creating a legacy. In this conversation, we talk about putting intentionality behind how we raise our kids to have an entrepreneurial spirit.

Show Notes: 

03:09 Liz’s Story

Liz grew up in an entrepreneurial family and community. She saw the contrast in how her parents had flexibility as entrepreneurs in comparison to other families. Though she realized that flexibility did not equal freedom. Liz wanted to create the legacy AND have the freedom and that has driven her purpose in her career. 

09:38 The Power of the Entrepreneurial Spirit 

Reflection has become an important part of Liz’s life path. She points out that she had to figure out how to do it wrong to know how to do it right. In the midst of the hustle, the choices she was making for her family didn’t represent her vision. 

14:45 Creating More Opportunities for Boredom 

Liz started to think about how to make more space to create and cultivate in their home. They made the conscious choice to not put the TV front and center in the main room. That one little change started to change everything. 

19:52 Identifying and Nurturing Your Spark

As a parent, you can see what kind of things your children gravitate towards. It’s important to nurture their innate giftings and give them more opportunities in those areas. Liz and her husband carve out intentional time to have conversations that teach their kids how to think. Leadership is another important quality to foster. 

28:00 Cultivating the Entrepreneurial Mindset 

Creating the mindset is so important to Liz. This starts with the language she encourages her kids to use. She wants them to be humble and also get in the practice of being solution oriented. 

37:46 A Rally Cry

Kids have so much working against them these days with technology and in society. But she is not going to sit back and watch these things shape her kids. She wants to step in and do something to change that. Liz has created a rally cry call for entrepreneurial parents who feel passionate about raising leaders. Liz and I talk about how this is such courageous and amazing work to disrupt the status quo of what society tells us we should be doing. 

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