Eliminating Pain Naturally with Rick Olderman

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On this week’s episode, I have guest Rick Olderman, a physical therapist that helps people with chronic pain understand the body as a system to uncover the root causes of the pain. His main goal is to help people live a pain free life through a more natural path of healing. We discuss his system solutions approach that looks at biomechanics of body movement and how to help the body heal itself.   

Show Notes: 

03:50 Research   

After many years of study, Rick started to really dive into the biomechanics of the body and what causes chronic pain. He discovered that it often came down to the entire system of the body and the ways that we move. He started looking further away for causes since the body has connections from our heads to our toes.    

07:05 Causes        

Rick has found that there are three main causes of chronic pain, which are musculoskeletal issues, dietary issues that cause inflammation, and emotional or psychological trauma. Any one of these things, or a combination of these things, can cause people to push past the threshold of pain. He helps people look at their whole system to understand what is causing pain.   

11:20 Understanding         

Rick wants to help people be able to fix themselves by understanding the system of the body and how things are connected. Most medical professionals concentrate on the actual point of where the pain is, whereas he looks from a whole body approach and patterns in movement to find the source of the pain. This helps in coming up with a more natural solution to healing pain.           

17:50 System Solutions       

There are stressors within the body’s system that cause chronic pain, and most doctors only look at the exact location of where the pain is located. Rick advises not to  jump to surgery until you’ve looked at the whole system. System solutions will provide a much larger view into causes of pain, and unless there is something really out of place, you might be able to heal without surgical intervention or covering up medication.  

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