Elevate Your Branding With Sensory Strategy with Danielle Barich

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In this episode, I have Danielle Barich, a brand and sensory strategist who works with businesses on different operations of marketing and planning. We dig into the meat of what drives consumers and the emotional side of buying and selling. Danielle gives advice on establishing a brand and the importance of understanding the brand’s purpose in order to build relationships with the target audience. 

Show Notes: 

04:48 Clients  

Danielle gives a little insight into the kinds of clients she works with and how she helps them captivate their audience through a sensory approach. She talks about how going through a sensory route is the way to connect with a person’s emotions. People are prone to make decisions from the emotional side of their brains, so it’s effective in the world of marketing. 

6:27 Branding 

For brands to be able to connect to their people, it’s important that they understand who they are as a brand and what their values are. The next step after that is figuring out how their values translate and if they align with how they are being presented. It’s digging deeper into the brand itself and building a story.  

13:24 Senses  

It’s important for brands to consider all human senses when presenting their brand. Branding can use things like smell or feel to activate the brain and bring it back to what they are selling. The same goes for copy and making sure to use a lot of descriptive imagery to get people interested and engaged.  

16:56 Development     

When starting to build a brand online, the first rule is to ignore the look as the starting point. The starting point should really be asking yourself why and digging deep into the why behind building this particular brand. Go beyond surface level reasons and know what’s driving the brand. 

23:13 Lessons

Danielle shares some lessons she has learned about business and entrepreneurship. She mentions not always following what everyone else does. Do what’s best for you and trust your flow. Make sure to take all the necessary steps in your process and enjoy your journey.  

23:13 Connection 

We wrap up by talking about what some brands do to stay connected with their audiences. Danielle mentions that some brands don’t just sell a product, they sell a feeling and sense of community. As a brand you have to get on a personal level and adjust to any changing circumstances. 

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