Connecting with your Superconscious With Dr. Libby Adams

Connecting with your Superconscious

In this episode, I am joined by Dr. Libby Adams, the Founder and President of the International Academy of Self-Knowledge, speaker and expert in transformational meditation training. Dr. Libby Adams explains the difference between the subconscious, the superconscious and the conscious mind. Join us for an exercise that will help you connect The Three I’s to start to get in touch with your higher self. 

Show Notes: 

01:38 It All Goes Back to 1974

Dr. Libby Adams talks about her first transformational training and how it started her on the course to where she is today. She talks about the different jobs she had before such as a school teacher and a fundraiser. From there, she entered into The International Academy of Self-Knowledge. Over 30 years later, she has been passionate about this work ever since. 

07:13 What is the Superconscious?

Dr. Libby Adams explains the superconscious in relation to ‘The Three I’s’. There is not just one version of I, there’s actually three different versions of I. The spiritual self is the superconscious mind. The human version of yourself is broken down into two versions of I. She refers to the conscious mind as the captain of the ship. The subconscious mind is responsible for the functions of your body, and storing information in the background. She relates it to self-storage that stores everything. 

12:41 The Big I and The Little I

The Little I is a subset that lives in the subconscious mind. It’s essential to understand it to understand the Big I. This idea relates to when people have a split of knowing. The Big I is at a high level of consciousness. The superconscious relates to everything that’s true and beautiful. The Little I’s get created throughout our experience, and can be stories we create that aren’t always true. Even though the Big I wants to do something, the Little I’s can interrupt that programming. 

21:30 Finding a Higher Mind

Why can’t the conscious mind override these Little I’s? The subconscious mind has no sense of logic, while the language of the conscious mind is logic. The subconscious mind is based in emotion. In the hierarchy of the three I’s, the superconscious mind is at the top. Through the practice of transformational meditation, people can bring out their higher mind. 

29:09 Connecting the I’s

There’s a way to reprogram and write new stories. It is done through transformational meditation. This process needs to be facilitated. With the one-on-one method, there is a 100 percent success rate. Dr. Libby Adams introduces us to an exercise in connection meditation that will introduce you to your superconscious. 

34:28 Firing Up The Imagination

Dr. Libby Adams gives an introduction to a meditation that she will lead us through before the connection meditation. The imagination is an essential tool to access the superconscious mind. She leads us through the meditation and invites us to get in touch with our inner worlds through breathwork. 

39:26 The Connection Meditation 

We move into the connection meditation. Dr. Libby Adams talks us through how to connect with our higher selves. Doing this is the first step to transformation.

45:09 Spiritual Rehab

We all need to rehab something whether it’s health, finances or our pasts. Dr. Libby Adams talks about the concept of rehab and how it’s important for this process to be facilitated. 

49:25 Conclusion 

We could all benefit from understanding ourselves more in this way. This kind of thing is not taught in school. As you really dive into this work, you will be able to move through, and grow through so many things in your life. 

Connecting with Dr. Libby Adams

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