Disconnecting to Be More Connected Without Demonizing Technology with Joey Odom

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In this episode, I host Joey Odom, a founder of Aro, a brilliant creation that helps families put down their devices and reconnect with one another. Joey and I chat about humans and their evolving relationship with technology, setting healthy boundaries, and creating a balance in today’s tech focused world. 

Show Notes: 

03:10 A Little Background   

A pivotal moment at a sporting event where Joey missed his son scoring a goal because he was looking at his phone made him realize that things needed to change. He got connected with a friend and they decided to brainstorm on how to disconnect from technology to get reconnected with real life. This was the beginning of his business.    

07:11 Technology    

We chat about how technology can do alot of good and has changed the world for the better in many ways. However, Joey wants us to change the way we harness technology to decrease the harm it can do. 

15:38 Boundaries     

It’s really important to help your kids build a healthy relationship with technology. It’s all about the environment they are in and setting them up in a safe space with boundaries. This starts with your relationship with technology and making changes in your habits as well. Show them that they take a higher president over your phone or smart device.        

28:03 The Pocket Issue     

People tend to carry their phones with them wherever they go, most of the time in our pocket. Joey knew a space was needed where people could put their phones away while also tracking how much time we were away from them. This is where the development of the Aro box came in, a device that can help create new habits and help balance how people spend their time. 

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