Leveled Up Life with David Atkins

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In this episode, my guest is a dear friend of mine, David Atkins. David is a retired New York police captain after 22 years of service. During his police career, he also built a million dollar direct sales business. David is a keynote motivational speaker and he has a new book coming out called Leveled Up Life. We discuss the different aspects of living a leveled up life such as routine, serving with a purpose and living each day like it’s your last. 

Show Notes: 

03:15 The Power of a Goal and a Vision

From a young age, David had a goal of having a batting cage in the backyard. He wrote it down on a piece of paper and proceeded to work to save up for his goal. He learned the lesson of having a vision and the power of writing it down. Looking back, he realized that that experience taught him that if you want to achieve something, you have to work to make it happen, and failure is part of the process. 

11:43 Living a Leveled Up Life

David shares how he’s lived his leveled up life. He realized that his desire to change was greater than his desire to stay the same. There were some sacrifices involved and it came down to how he managed his time. David’s morning routine is his sacred time and has been key to his success. 

16:12 Serving with a Purpose

David anchors his drive in being the best for his kids, his team and the people he serves. He talked about working for something bigger. It’s not about external validation, it’s about the impact you make and how you make people feel. If David is feeling off in his motivation, he knows it’s time to double down on his personal development and feed his mind. 

22:16 Lessons from David’s Book

David expands on some of his favorite key principles that he’s passionate about from his book. He shares a story about losing his best friend and the lesson it taught him about how tomorrow is never guaranteed. He also talks about going against the norm and facing your haters. His motto is “bless and release”. He also believes in pressing through it because it is part of the process. 

32:10 Comparison

With social media, it’s so easy to compare yourself and get discouraged. We talk about ways to flip the script when it comes to comparison. Seeing other people accomplish success, is a reminder that it’s possible for you to do it too. 

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