Clarity & Urgency to Light Your Goals Up with Micah Folsom

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In this episode, I sit down for a personal chat about goals and how to put them at the top of your priorities. It’s easy to let goals flutter to the back of the list and let them lose their magic. But if they are that important to you, you have to learn how to light them up and make them a real part of your life instead of letting them linger as a simple dream. If you’re someone that tends to let your goals slip away BUT you want this year to be different, this episode is for you! 

Show Notes: 

02:41 Be Clear About Goals  

When you are setting goals, you need to get really clear on why you want them and what is driving you, so that when hard times come (because they will), you have a motivator to keep moving forward. It will be way too easy to give up on your goals if you don’t have a spark behind them.     

04:11 Create Deadlines      

You also need to set deadlines. It’s way too easy to put things on the back burner or let them slide off your plate if you don’t make real time for them. You have to have some sort of urgency behind it, or else you’ll continue on a path of complacency. Urgency will create a fire behind your ideas and processes. 

11:01 Make Goals Personal     

Goals are not just set for you to achieve them, they are set to push us out of our comfort zone and move us forward. Goals without urgency are just another wish. We need to set goals that are personal and make them a priority. When you put your goals out into the universe, you help bring them to life.

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