Breaking Through Money Mindset Blocks with Choyo Wilson Daniel

Money Mindset

Today we’re talking to Choyo Wilson Daniel who is a premiere mindset coach for Christian women. She founded Loveshift Coaching in 2018 for women who want to run their own businesses on their own terms. She’s a licensed clinical therapist and a bestselling author of the book Rich on Purpose: The Inspired Woman’s Guide to Money + Life + Self Love. In this conversation, we talk about how women can improve their relationships with money to create more abundance and reprogram any paradigms around money that are subconsciously running the show without you even realizing it. 

Show Notes: 

02:35 Choyo’s Story In Her Own Words

Choyo shares how she helps female entrepreneurial women of faith master their money mindset. A while back, while Choyo was making six figures, she found herself on a foreclosure list. She was paying attention to her finances, but it just wasn’t working for her, so she decided she had to get to the root of the problem. 

04:22 Money Blocks and Money Paradigms

A money paradigm is the money beliefs in our subconscious mind. It starts at a very young age and is influenced by generational programming. Some examples of this is the idea that “there’s never enough” which creates a struggle energy. 

06:49 Working Through Negative Beliefs

Choyo talks about how she started the process of addressing her internal beliefs and the stories she was telling herself. Negative money paradigms are very common, but there are ways to improve your relationship with money. Choyo offers a mindset shift for women in sales. 

09:59 Struggling with Guilt Around Wealth

Money is necessary for us to operate at our fullest potential. Look at money as a way to share your gifts. Then ask yourself why you feel guilty for whatever it may be. Guilt is often related to feelings of unworthiness. 

12:33 Daily Money Mindset Practices

A lot of women are unclear on their income goal. Choosing a tangible number and writing it down is powerful. Choyo also recommends tracking your money with a focus on appreciation. Allow your emotions to guide you when choosing a number. I too have struggled with choosing a number beyond just what I need. What helped me was aligning it with my values and how I wanted to serve. 

20:51 Appreciate Where You’re at Now

To get to where you want to be, you have to appreciate where you’re at now. When you’re focused on abundance, it creates more abundance. When you’re focused on lack, it creates more lack. 

23:17 Money Resistance

Choyo’s best advice is to shift your self-image if you’re struggling with resistance to money. Shift your beliefs about yourself to view yourself as worthy of abundance. The resistance is an opportunity to dig into this and overcome it. There are so many resources out there for money mindset. Choyo is grateful to be able to help normalize conversations around money and mindset. 

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