Raising Empowered Children, Potty Training & Sex with Charlotte Avery

raising empowered children

We have another incredible guest today – Charlotte Avery! We discuss the raw truth about finding balance in life, potty training tips for parents, what it looks like to raise empowered children and prioritizing your romantic relationships.

Before we dig in, I want to send you a reminder that the holidays are a time when a lot of people take their foot off the gas. SO many people carry stress through the holidays and don’t take time to enjoy the season. Take time to move your body, get endorphins flowing, and take 30-40 minutes to shift your mood every morning. My Virtual Gym is open and ready to support you, even during the Holidays!

Show Notes:

3:00 From Sports Career to Family Strategist

Charlotte’s life looks nothing like she thought her life would ever look like. Before children, she was working outside of the home and had big expectations for herself. When she became a mom and had her first born, she made the decision that she didn’t want anybody else raising her children. At the point that she was pregnant again, the decision was made to stay home. Over the course of time, she found she was losing herself as a mom.

7:50 The Truth About Balance

Charlotte’s job is to provide systems and strategies to take women from overwhelmed to overjoyed in marriage, motherhood, and the marketplace. The truth is – nobody has it all together! Everybody has moments of stress and overwhelm. Charlotte tells people that her life looks like the most epic smoothie in a blender ever. She chooses her priorities, puts them in the blender, and that’s her focus for the day. 

17:13 Showing Up For Your Kids

Being a woman, it was really important for Charlotte to show up in a way for her daughters. Should they decide to get married and have children, they need to know that their first example of “doing their crap” was their mom. 

19:30 Potty Training Tips For Woman

Charlotte always tells parents that potty training doesn’t have to be an anxious and panic moment. Charlotte has learned that potty training is an adventure that they’ll forget, but you won’t. It’s important to be patient, be partners with your child, and give praise. 

Click here to check out Charlotte’s potty training resources!

30:35 Romantic Relationships and Children

Charlotte and her husband made an agreement that they would always take a vacation together, take short vacations in a hotel, and at-home staycations. Sometimes you just have to put it on the schedule! If you schedule sex, you have that whole week to build up to it.

38:54 Getting Connected to Charlotte

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