Change Your Stories, Change Your Life with Brad Bizjack

Brad Bizjack- Change Your Stories, Change Your Life

We are back for part two with Brad Bizjack this week! Today we are talking about the stories we tell ourselves. This episode will invite you to take a look at how your stories may be holding you back, and show you how to shift the lens to better serve your life and your goals. 

Show Notes: 

01:47 Do You Like Cake?

At this point in the new year, people are still excited about their goals, but they might not be seeing the success that they hoped they would achieve. I asked Brad how we avoid the downward spiral and totally just give up in these circumstances. Brad shares a metaphor of someone wanting to be the world’s best pastry chef, but every time they make a cake, they use salt instead of sugar. They come to the conclusion that their dreams will never be possible, when in reality, they only need to switch one ingredient. It’s a simple shift in a recipe. When they shift to sugar, their dreams are possible.

06:17 Defining the Missing Ingredient

Is the missing ingredient strategy or mindset? Strategy matters, you need the right ingredients for the cake. In terms of losing weight, the concept of getting healthier is relatively simple. The strategy is pretty simple. Drink water, eat healthy foods and move your body. The reason most people have such a hard time losing weight, or getting healthy, is because of the stories they tell themselves. Stories like, I’m just big boned and will never lose weight. They have the strategy, but they need the mindset. The story needs to support the strategy.  

09:33 Shifting Your Story

Brad’s advice for shifting your story is to appreciate everything, including where you are at right now. If you can appreciate where you’re at right now, you can find the lesson that life is trying to give you. When people are facing conflict, they feel like they shouldn’t be facing it, and they make it wrong instead of actually facing it. Brad believes that life is rigged in our favor. We often receive messages, in a variety of forms, until we pay attention to it. We ignore it, until we get the message in a more drastic form which is a wake up call. There is a lesson in everything we face. 

17:30 Choosing the Lens in Which We View Life

The way you view life is entirely up to you. For example, you can view sitting in traffic as the worst thing ever and ruining your day, or you can be grateful that you have the time to listen to a podcast and arrive safely at your destination. Brad stresses the importance of choosing stories that serve who we want to become.   

19:42 How Do We Make the Shift?

The first thing to do is to ask yourself if you are interested in changing your life or are you committed to changing your life? Your life changes when you realize that all aspects of your life are your responsibility. The second thing you can do is ask what you’re getting from your limiting stories. Once you identify what that is, you can ask yourself what’s a more empowering way to meet the same need? Then, imagine the true consequences of what that story is costing you. That pain of not changing will become greater than what it takes to change. You’ll also want to think about the benefits that those changes will create. You can change your mind with affirmations and stories that lead to your desired result. 

26:37 Your Stories Dictate Your Life

It’s a lightbulb moment when you realize that your limiting beliefs are dictating your future. Brad invites us to tune into the stories in our heads by becoming a documentarian of your own thoughts for a day. I talk about how I empower myself and my family in motherhood instead of putting blame on the external. Growing is what life is all about! And there is beauty in that. 

32:19 Everything Affects Everything

Everything affects everything. Something that you learn in your business, also translates to motherhood, or your marriage. If you take better care of yourself physically, it positively affects everything. It goes the other way around as well. If you are overlooking one area of your life, that will bleed into the other areas of your life. 

33:50 How Do I Succeed Faster?

It’s an inner game that will then translate to entrepreneurship. Brad talks about his masterclass and finding the success sweet spot. In this masterclass, he will share how to get faster success and he will share something called the Magnetic Success Formula- which will show you the high performance success secret for everything you want to attract into your life. The masterclass is happening Wednesday March 2nd at 10am Central Time. Use the link below to claim your spot and join us!

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