Building Big Businesses While Building a Family with Mary Lawless Lee

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In this episode, we dig into building businesses, raising a family and how you can do it all. My guest is Mary Lawless Lee, she runs a boutique, a skin care line for mothers, and she wrote a book called Happily Grey. This is a convo for all you moms who are building brands and businesses. 

Show Notes: 

01:40 How Does She Do It All?  

Mary dives into her story and talks about what led her to her most recent business ventures. Since working in patient care, she’s been in the pursuit of translating that emotional intensity to the digital world. Mary addresses how having a support system as a mother and a business woman is essential. She’s learned that self-care is not only important for herself, it helps her show up as an example for her kids.

10:25 Stepping into Vulnerability

Mary talks about how her book relates to feelings of shame and stepping into your vulnerability. Sharing your story allows you to expand your message beyond the highlight reel of social media, and you never know how it may help others. Get Mary’s book here.

14:41 Setting Boundaries     

Boundaries don’t happen immediately, it took Mary many tries to get there. When she gets overwhelmed with social media, she listens to her body. Things like the 24 Hour Rule, help her create boundaries for her internal state and her family as whole.  Her book provides how-to’s for creating structure through boundaries and rules. This discipline allows her to live her life instead of just sharing her life.       

20:05 Happily Grey   

Many people think that Mary’s book is about her take on aging, but she explains the real meaning behind the name of the book. She was living her life to check the boxes and she took a step back to reevaluate. She talks about a time when she felt the happiness and started writing and living outside of the boundaries, and gaining her own sense of freedom. 

22:21 the Lessons of Motherhood and Business 

Mary’s mentor always told her that becoming a mother would make her a better business owner. A big part of this is protecting her time and her energy. She’s learned that saying yes to something is saying no to something else.


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