Transform Your Messaging Online So People Actually Hear You with Brandon Lucero

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In this episode, my guest is Brandon Lucero. Brandon is the founder of Sold With Video and creator of The Video 4x Effect. His work focuses on shifting how online content is created and distributed by changing beliefs and shifting perspectives according to the psychology of selling products online. We discuss his philosophy on messaging in terms of authenticity, growth and content creation.

Show Notes: 

02:28 Brandon’s Background

Brandon’s company teaches messaging, content and communication. When he started his brand, Sold With Video, they sold real estate videos to real estate agents, and it has evolved since then. Brandon believes that we are not often taught how to communicate, but that everything in our world could improve with communication. 

04:08 Creating Messaging Around the Problem

Brandon believes that in business, it’s not about being better, it’s about being different. He explains that a common communication mistake is focusing on the benefits and solutions instead of focusing on the specific problems that your customers are facing. You also need to get specific about who you want to attract. 

09:47 Brandon’s Philosophy on Messaging

There are three areas to focus on. The first is education. Educational content should have some complexity to it so that it’s engaging. The second is connection content, where you build rapport. This is where you share beliefs, values and identities. The last is called thought reversals, which is basically shifting people’s perspectives, getting them to realize that they have beliefs that are causing pain in their life. 

16:50 Authentic Content

If you really dig into each area of Brandon’s philosophy, you will never run out of ways to create content! Brandon talks about creating the kind of content that he truly wants to create, so that his message comes from a place of authenticity, thus attracting people that align with him on a deeper level.

24:23 Growing on Instagram

Brandon’s opinion is that people often overcomplicate their strategy. It’s more about the message you’re delivering, it doesn’t matter as much how you’re delivering it. If you’re uncomfortable on Reels for example, that uncomfortable energy is going to affect your message.  

27:37 The Ecosystem

Brandon equates his messaging online to an ecosystem, meaning everywhere the brand is online, the messaging is the same in each place. The same elements are always present and consistent. As you’re exposed to content, you are pulled into the ecosystem and exposed to more elements.  

30:54 Investing in Your Business

As an entrepreneur, it can be difficult to know where and when to invest in your business. Brandon shares the most valuable ways that he’s invested in his business. He’s always followed the BE DO HAVE model. Meaning actions produce results. If you take actions of a broke business owner, then you have a broke business. If you take actions of a million dollar business owner, then you have a million dollar business. 

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