Raising Your Emotional Thermostat With Brad Bizjack

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In this episode, we have Brad Bizjack back on the show for Part 2! If you haven’t listened to last week’s episode, go check it out. Brad is my personal high performance coach and I attribute so much of my own growth to working with him. Brad and I chat about identity and how it can keep you stuck, but also how shifting your identity can be the key to change and creating the life you want. 

Show Notes: 

02:30 A Mind Wired for Failure vs Success

Brad shares how he got into this work, beginning with the limiting beliefs he had in childhood. He really wanted to be the breaking point of mediocrity in his family. In his search for validation, he started a business, but his attempts weren’t working. He experienced a shift when his mindset coach gave him a wake up call about mindset and how it plays a huge part in success.  

07:40 Breaking the Cycle

We are so conditioned, and many people don’t even realize that they are operating from beliefs that limit them. We all are at some level. And based on preconditioning, people end up repeating the cycle, over and over, unless they take action to break the cycle. 

I ask Brad how someone can break the cycle and step into their new identity. Brad is hosting a free 5-Day Challenge starting on Oct 10th. Take action and register to be part of the Success Accelerator! 

13:10 Change from the Inside

Brad talks of the have-do-be mindset which operates from the idea that circumstances need to change before people change. You can stay where you are, OR you can do the hard work it’s gonna take. , It comes from challenging who you think you are. If you want to change your life, something new needs to happen inside of you. 

18:30 Leaving Your Shell

The human brain doesn’t want to change. If you are doing all the things and taking action and it’s not working for you, you need to shift your existing identity. Brad shares a metaphor about a hermit crab to explain the idea of being vulnerable when shifting into a new identity. You need to look at what it’s going to cost you to stay small or to take the risk and grow into a new version of yourself. 

24:49 Different Root, Different Fruit

Have you ever noticed that most people find a way back to disempowering emotions? It’s because of their wiring and what they’ve practiced over time. Identity is just a belief about who you are. Brad shares more about his 5 Day Challenge – The Success Accelerator. This program will help you discover how high performers achieve their goals so much faster, with so much less stress, and how to rewire to create an identity that will lead you to a life that you want. 

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