Become a Habit Mechanic to Maximize Your Potential with Dr. Jon Finn

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In this episode, we have Dr. Jon Finn, founder of Tougher Minds Consultancy and bestselling author of “The Habit Mechanic”. He is a performance psychology resilience and leadership science expert who coaches people in the realm of habit mechanics. Dr. Finn goes deep behind the science of why people do what they do and how to unleash potential through building purposeful positive habits. 

Show Notes: 

02:22 Don’t Drop The Ball

Dr. Finn starts out the conversation by talking about the time he literally dropped the ball in a game he was playing, and decided that he wanted to move his way into the world of sports psychology. It’s from here that he built a foundation on helping others create positive change in their lives through helpful habits.   

08:23 Become A Habit Mechanic 

It all starts with understanding how the brain works. Once you have a better understanding of how the brain functions, that’s when you can start to see helpful and unhelpful habits that you have created. This helps you target those unhelpful habits to make necessary changes. It is a lifelong journey of awareness through behavioral science.  

11:52 Super Habits 

People build super habits, which are powerful habits that play a big part of everyday life. They are the core of what you do and how you react to situations. Paying attention to and nurturing your positive super habits help you become a happy, healthy, successful individual. 

18:40 Nine Habit Mechanic Factors 

There are nine factors in establishing complex habits that Dr. Finn breaks down for us! Each factor builds on the one before, creating a solid foundation for your super habits. 

25:53 Willpower 

Willpower is what drives the change you make in your habits. It’s using the part of your brain to plan and establish timelines in a motivating kind of way. You have to understand the science behind how and why you do things in order to gain control of making changes in habits. 

31:37 Potential 

You have so much more control and potential than you think you do. Learning is everyone’s superpower. You have the ability to improve yourself a little bit everyday by getting in touch with yourself, improving your habits, and being on a journey of continuous learning. 

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