Baby #6 Is Coming! Get the Full Story Here!

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Yup, it’s happening! Baby #6 is on their way and I have the full scoop of how it all unfolded. Sometimes life hands you something unexpected, but what is meant to be will unfold. We are thrilled to expand our family and make some positive shifts to focus on the things we love the most. 

Show Notes: 

02:06 Four To Six  

Many of you who have followed me probably know that I thought we were going to be done having children after having our four. After a tug at my heart, I knew we should go for five. We did not expect, however, for number six to happen! 

05:45 How I Knew 

I started feeling tired, my senses heightened, and other little things led up to me taking the test. That’s when the positive sign showed up, and I was in shock. I had a whole range of emotions and decided to talk it through with my sister before surprising my husband. 

13:36 Mental Shifts  

After having my last child I had mentally moved on from the pregnancy and newborn stage of life as a mom. It took me a while to process everything and open up about it all to my family.  I had to walk though my feelings to let myself be happy and excited even though it was a surprise.    

18:08 The Daily Question

Baby is due in June and we are so excited. In fact, I’ve been wanting to pour more into all the aspects of my life instead of just going through the motions. This has presented me with an opportunity to restructure my life and the things most important to me. 

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