Core Fundamentals of Wellness – Deep Dive into Autoimmunity – Gut Health & and Tuning In to Heal the Body w/ Functional Medicine Nutritionist, Andrea Nakayama

Autoimmunity Gut Health with Andrea Nakayama

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This week, I’m SO EXCITED to have Andrea Nakayama, a world renowned functional medicine nutritionist who starts at the roots of healthcare for personalized plans that cover the whole landscape of health. Andrea works to fill the gaps in the healthcare system and looks at individualized plans — working WITH the patient instead of FOR the patient. I love that we dive into one of the core fundamentals of wellness, gut health because this week I’m starting the 4 Week Gut Protocol as I recover from having baby Beck a couple weeks ago. There are so many good nuggets in this episode as we talk about nutrition and how small shifts can make a big difference.  

Show Notes: 

02:20 Seeing Gaps in Healthcare    

Andrea was pregnant when she found out her late husband had a brain tumor. It was from this that she decided to take action and start researching options that might help prolong his life. From there, she realized that there were gaps in modern medicine that needed to be addressed, and her research turned into a passionate career in functional medicine. Her goal is to help people not just be another patient or diagnosis, and help practitioners expand their knowledge to treat people on a personalized level.                    

10:32 Everything in the Body is Connected      

The starting point for evaluating health is different for everyone, but Andrea has a three tier system that looks at sleep, bowel movements, and blood sugar balance as the non-negotiable trifecta of health. These three things affect everything else in the body and must be considered when it comes to revitalizing health. Sleep affects the gut microbiome and hormones, bowel movements are a representation of what you’re putting in your body, and the food on your plate will determine your blood sugar balance.   

24:34 Your Personal Starting Point    

The basic starting point for looking to improve your health is to ask yourself what your non-negotiable actions toward improved health are. Embracing different health care needs and priorities will open doors to go even further with what is best for your body and your mind. Andrea also works with shifting the mindset from “you can’t have that” to “you don’t have that”. It makes it more of a statement versus a restriction.   

32:45 The Importance of Nutrition      

Nutrition plays a huge part in how our body is going to respond to different disorders and illnesses. It’s important to have a colorful plate of food, a good variety of options, to slow down while chewing, and to calm the body and the mind while eating. Processed, refined foods are only going to take essential nutrients away. Stress is also going to enhance problems in the body. Eat well and put yourself in a calm state of mind for improved health.                          

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