Are Your Goals Going DEEP Enough? with Micah Folsom

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This episode is a quick talk about the impact and importance of setting goals that are more than just surface level. I talk about facing your fears, setting goals for yourself and others, and why it’s important to keep the cycle of goals going.  

Show Notes: 

01:05 Dig Deeper 

People are known to generally show up better for others than themselves. If your reasons for wanting to achieve a goal are surface level and you only consider the impacts it will have on YOU, then you might have a hard time reaching those goals. If you consider deeper impacts and how it will affect others around you, you might have more motivation to achieve your goals. 

06:17 Impact 

When digging deeper, you have to really look at the impact your decisions will have on the people around you. How will they suffer if you don’t reach your goal? It may be hard to think of those things, but that will be your driving force to being successful.  

08:45 Goals 

Don’t just have one goal in place, because you may hit a wall when you reach that goal. Keep up the cycle of helping yourself to help others. Goals are important to self-growth and keeping you fulfilled. This is where accountability happens.  

11:30 Purpose 

When you align your goals around impact and set goals that are outside of yourself, this is when you are going to make a difference in the world. Goals are for achievement and to help us grow. 

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