Unpacking Entrepreneurship and Building an Authentic Brand with Anthony Sabatino

Anthony Sabatino Entrepreneurship and Branding

In this episode, I interview Anthony Sabatino. Anthony is the Founder and CEO of a company called ASPF Solutions. We discuss how to become more self-aware in your business and grow through the process of entrepreneurship. 

Show Notes: 

01:03 Anthony’s Story

Anthony is the Founder and CEO of a company called ASPF Solutions which offers consulting with a holistic approach to business. He shares some background on his journey getting to where he is today. Throughout his career he has been led by what people need and how he can serve them. He talks about self-awareness and authenticity in business. 

04:18 Getting Started Building a Brand

Anthony’s advice for getting started with your brand if you don’t know where to start is being authentic and omnipresent. You’ll also want to be curious about emerging platforms and where your people are going to be next. Get in the minds of your consumer.

08:08 Understanding Your Consumers

If you’re frustrated by not building the momentum that you’d like to, understand that it takes time and think about what your consumer wants and whether you are actually enjoying the process. If you are enjoying it, you’ll be able to be consistent over time.  

12:34 Step Into Your Power

If you are resisting parts of your business, think about the bigger picture of how you can serve your people. Anthony says that being yourself is the best way to be creative, because nobody else is like you. Be authentic and step into your power. If you try to emulate others to feel like you’re doing things right, remind yourself that nobody in the middle wins. 

16:00 Tapping Into the Unknown Path

Going against the grain requires a feeling of worthiness and being aware of what you actually want. Anthony talks about self-sabotage and reasons why people fall into this pattern of behavior. Showing yourself empathy and compassion is the best way to heal this. 

22:35 Digging Deeper Into the Mindset Behind Self-Sabotage 

Ego isn’t something that should be demonized, it’s still a part of you. Anthony recommends being one with your ego. Entrepreneurship is a prime opportunity to work through that process. 

26:17 Check In With Yourself

If you are getting resentful about where you’re at, again, check in with yourself about what you really want and if you are cut out for this. Most people need to be confronted with this question to realize that they do really want it. Once you change your perspective and the questions you’re asking yourself, the answers also change. Eliminate self-judgment and give yourself some grace through your emotions.

29:48 Blocks Are Often Internal

If things aren’t working, it’s usually a matter of what’s going on in the internal side of things. When you are growing through this process in your business, you are also growing as a human being. 

31:39 Business is Simple, People are Complicated

Anthony shares the meaning behind his motto, business is simple, people are complicated. When you break down the concept of business: buying and selling for a profit. What makes it hard is people. People are complicated. If you understand and accept that, you can take a different approach to it and simplify how you act. 

33:31 Time Management Tips

Oftentimes people rationalize not being successful because of being busy. Anthony recommends prioritizing on a list and then spending time on your top priorities. Instead of studying what you have booked on your schedule, study the gaps. See where the opportunities lie in those gaps.  

37:30 Success Leaves Clues

Success leaves clues is a common phrase in the entrepreneurial world. Anthony recommends monitoring what other successful people are doing and adopting some of those habits and strategies. 

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