Ambition Has Seasons with Angie Lee

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In this episode, we are chatting with an amazing human, Angie Lee. On her social media she describes herself as “your BFF that will make you pee your pants laughing and inspire you to freaking go for it.” Angie has so much wisdom in entrepreneurship and life. We talk about the societal pressure that women feel to do ALL the things, or to do things a certain way, but in reality, you are not broken if you want to do things differently. Ambition has seasons, and it’s okay! 

Show Notes: 

02:25 Wanting Something Different 

Angie knew she did not want to follow the rules or work in corporate. She wanted something different. Angie wasn’t sure of her direction, so she researched different kinds of online business. At 19, she started a wellness blog which later turned into a wellness brand. She has worked within many creative industries such as marketing, entrepreneurship, content creation, events, podcasting and more.  

04:30 The Tides Are Changing

We’ve been in a time where ambition and hustle were admired, and now the pendulum has swung more towards slowing down and being in flow. But there is a sweet spot right in the middle. Angie talks about how it’s normal to have seasons in your ambition. Success is not always a straight line that keeps going up, fluctuation is normal and okay. 

11:45 Defining Success for You

I’ve been with Beachbody for nine years, but lately I’ve been called to share more about my life on the farm. People often assume that it’s all or nothing, when we can do both. It’s about following those heart tugs and acknowledging where your ambition lies, and then aligning your success in that area. Angie talks about the toxic Girl Boss movement that creates a pressure on women. 

16:50 Having Five Kids

Angie was surprised to learn that I have five kids. I share about how I have help that allows me to raise five kids AND build a fulfilling business. You don’t have to do it ALL to do it all. It’s about deciding where your energy is best spent within your zone of genius. There is no one right way to do things, though the pressures of society makes us feel like there is. 

28:08 If You’re in a Season of Lacking Ambition…

Angie outlines three ways to combat feeling a lack of ambition. The first is getting inspiration from different industries and different niches. The second is movement as a great way to move stagnant energy, release anxiety and get clarity. The third is to not be hard on yourself and realize that it will pass. It’s good to tune into your body and what excites you. It is often harder to force it. Allow yourself to get curious and try new things. Sometimes you just have to shake up how you’re doing things.  

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