Stop Suffering for Success with Amber Hawley

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In this episode, my guest is Licensed Therapist and Host of The Easily Distracted Entrepreneur Podcast, Amber Hawley. We discuss the demands of modern entrepreneurship and how it often leads to burnout when juggling the demands of business and life. We give you some strategies to overcome the all-or-nothing mentality, avoid overwhelm, and move forward with joy in a way that is sustainable.  

Show Notes: 

02:15 The Problems with Modern Entrepreneurship

Amber has a variety of facets to her career between being a therapist and a business consultant. She built a group practice in Silicon Valley where she works with business owners. She noticed people struggling to achieve the many demands of entrepreneurship, family life and self care. Amber often saw people working themselves into burnout. 

03:58 Momentum Makers

When we get so overwhelmed, we often shut down and choose to do nothing, instead of doing a little bit at a time. Amber talks about taking action on the small things to build momentum. You do have to have a boundary and a limit with that to know when it’s enough. It’s okay to re-write the rules to allow yourself to feel successful. 

14:45 Feeling Burnt Out

Amber believes that there’s a difference between true burnout and being in a funk. If you’re in a funk, give yourself some space for rest to allow some clarity. Burnout will take longer to come out of because it is a deep, prolonged state. Amber shares some symptoms of burnout. 

21:00 Finding Joy Again

Amber solidified some of her systems, cleaned things up and delegated the tasks that she could. She also got really clear with her boundaries with her work. Amber talks about creating her to-do list in a cold state. Her morning routine is doing a little dance out of bed to get her energy up for the day. 

29:00 Reducing Stress and Overwhelm

When you stay in tune with what’s essential, and do your tasks in a way that brings you joy, then it will be sustainable. Enjoying the process helps to decrease resistance. Amber is a big fan of brain dumps and also bringing in other people to help you prioritize. It’s the small shifts that you can make to reduce stress and overwhelm. 

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