Turning Your Pain Into Your Purpose with Alyssa Messick

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In this episode, our guest has a powerful story about how she’s turned her pain into her purpose. Alyssa Messick has two sons that were born with cleft palate. Though it’s been a difficult journey, Alyssa shares how she’s used this experience to grow and to help others. 

Show Notes: 

02:15 A Cleft Journey

Both of Alyssa’s sons were born cleft defective. While her sons are doing well now, dealing with clefts is a continuous journey. Alyssa shares her first experience with mother’s intuition when she learned that her first son would have a cleft. Once he was born, they spent a lot of time in the hospital and Alyssa was struggling with anxiety. 

07:00 Getting Pregnant Again

Alyssa and her husband were getting in the groove of dealing with her first son’s cleft palate. They started thinking about having another child. When she got pregnant with her second son, everything seemed fine at first, until they received a diagnosis that the baby would also have a cleft. 

10:10 The Power of Community in A Tough Time

Alyssa went through the most difficult time of her life in the end of 2019 and into 2020. It felt like everything was closing in on her. She began to reach out to other people in the cleft community on Instagram. She came across a man named Manny who was raising awareness about cleft palate and he kept her going through those tough times. 

13:50 Sharing Your Story to Impact Others

Alyssa didn’t realize at the time that community is what she needed. She started a fitness program and realized the power of helping others. Alyssa talks about how she’s processed her emotions, and how it’s been to open up and share her story. She now empowers other women to also share their story, and the impact that they can make by doing so.  

18:30 Finding Joy

It’s okay to have bad days, but you have to find joy and fulfillment in the journey, because you don’t want it to rub off on your kids. Alyssa talks about the moment that she knew it was her calling to share her story. She knew God was leading her towards her calling in life. Alyssa stepped into her calling through tiny habits and small actions of self care. 

24:04 Take It One Day at a Time

Alyssa speaks to people who may want to share their story, but are feeling scared to bring it out into the open. She recommends taking it one day at a time and using your platform as your journal. Alyssa says it’s a lot better to do the thing that you’re afraid of then staying in the same place. We conclude by talking about the power of community. 

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