All Things Women’s Health – Hormones & Cycles, Nutrition, Movement, and Gut Health with Brooke Rozmenoski

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In this episode, I have guest Brooke Rozmenoski, a functional nutritional practitioner who helps women understand their bodies on a deeper level. Bodies give off signals when something is off, and a lot of times poor gut health and hormonal imbalances are overlooked as potential causes. Brooke and other FNP’s are here to make sure to bridge the gap between the patient and traditional western medicine.   

Show Notes: 

01:01 Discovery 

Brooke hit a time in her life when she knew something wasn’t quite right in her body. She was eating well and exercising, but she was still struggling with weight gain, fatigue, and other health issues. She discovered functional medicine and started to understand how hormones were affecting her body. She decided to take classes in functional medicine and now helps people bridge the gap between them and their primary doctors for whole body health. 

07:14 Indicators    

Things like fatigue, exhaustion, and overstimulation are often overlooked. Hormone imbalance and poor gut health can be underlying factors to the way that you’re feeling. Women should also pay close attention to their cycles and how they feel before, during and after ovulation. You’re not going to feel the same every day, but your body will tell you when something really isn’t right.  

14:34 Fitness      

It’s a really good idea for women to plan their levels of intensity and type of fitness around their cycles. Just because you aren’t crushing it every workout doesn’t mean that you’re not doing anything at all. Sometimes when in the swing of a cycle, if you’re feeling exhausted and not up to usual activity levels, it’s your body telling you to take it down a notch.         

17:02 Nutrition     

The foundations and building healthy habits around proper nutrition need to come first before anything else. Protein, vitamins, nutrients, and a small amount of the right kind of carbohydrates and fats are essential for gut microbiome health and function. Really take the time to nail down those everyday habits to balance hormones and gut health.


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