All About Our Electric Health & Biofield Tuning with Eileen McKusick

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In this episode, I host Eileen McKusick, an expert in the area of biofield tuning and healing through realignment of the body’s electromagnetic energy. Eileen gives some really interesting and useful information on health and wellness through vibrations, especially when it comes to dealing with trauma, stress, and tension. Eileen and I discuss what it means to take care of electric energy within the body and how noise plays a part in overall wellness. 

Show Notes: 

02:21 Starting Out 

Eileen talks about the start of her work, how it stemmed from an addiction she had when she was younger, and all the noise it brought to her mind. She wanted to work on being the best version of herself, understand more about human potential, and dive into what it means to be a healthy individual by bridging the gap between science and spirituality.     

05:14 Noise     

We think about our emotions instead of expressing them, which traps noise in our minds causing trauma due to tension. Seeing this, Eileen started studying vibrational medicine to figure out how to manage this tension. Everyone gives off vibrations, so she started working with tuning forks to understand these different vibrations and what they mean as well as how to manage the whole electrical system within the body.  

16:16 Systems    

The body has an entire electrical system and a magnetic field behind it, which has been ignored and thrown out, especially in western medicine. But understanding the waves within the body is important, especially in trauma based situations where we unconsciously limit our breath and therefore limit an intake of positive waves. We are going to struggle to heal if we don’t have a positive flow of energy.        

21:05 The Mind     

The mind and the body are connected through energy, so sometimes what is happening with the body is related to what’s going on in the mind and the type of energy you are transferring. Eileen works to keep people more in the moment of the now so that they aren’t transferring all their energy to the future. It’s about keeping people relaxed and comfortable in the now for regulation and healing. 

29:28 Mapping      

Eileen has worked for years mapping out the system of the body and where waves can be found. Just like our internal anatomy is the same, our electrical system is the same. Understanding the trauma or issue helps her pinpoint where the waves within the body are being disrupted. Nature works in the same way, everything has an electrical system. 

36:51 Tension    

Sometimes the best way to get your system back into balance is to shake it up and move. Open up versus shutting down. Break any tension within the body by eliminating unnecessary noise in your mind by putting yourself back in positive spaces. 

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