7 Things Keeping You Stuck in Your Business

Things Keeping You Stuck in Your Business

In this episode, I dig into 7 key things that could be keeping you stuck in your business and how to overcome them. There IS a way to love your work and experience massive success in life without feeling like you have to sacrifice everything you value to make it happen. At the end of the episode I share a very special announcement about a new project I’m working on, including a mastermind opportunity to go along with it so make sure you listen in until the end!!

Show Notes: 

01:42 Things Keeping You Stuck In Your Business

I’ve been hearing lots of feedback, and when I started thinking about the biggest factors keeping you stuck, I decided to hit on things that are lacking, as well as the things that you’re doing. These 7 things WILL absolutely help you take your business to the next level and find so much fire and joy.

03:20 #1: Self Doubt

Self doubt will stop you in your tracks faster than anything else. Lack of belief will honestly erase any of the actions that you’re trying to put into your business. If you’re going through the motions, checking the boxes, but in a place of self doubt, it erases the actions you’re taking. If you don’t believe in yourself first, none of the actions you take will matter.

04:25 #2: Vagueness Around Your Vision

If you have clarity in what you’re doing and your purpose, that will create so much fire within you to keep showing up and doing the things. If you’re lacking vision and clarity, you’ll feel a lack of motivation and urgency. 

05:46 #3: ConvEnience over Consistency

Consistency is my business super power. In the midst of having 5 kids, having a busy husband, I’ve stayed consistent. No matter the trial, season, or time of life, I find a reason to show up in some capacity to fulfill my mission. 

You will never build your dreams doing it when it’s convenient. I can promise you that your dreams are worth it!

09:30 #4: FORCE VS. Alignment

This is one that I am SO passionate about, because it keeps the fire lit in your business. The opposite of alignment (to me) is force. There are certain things in your business that you HAVE to do. When you’re aligned in these actions, it’s a beautiful thing because you can feel so much joy and passion because you’re doing the things that are most important in a way that feels good to you.

13:25 #5: Disorder Or Discipline?

Lots of people hate the word discipline because it’s hard. If everybody could have discipline and integrity, everybody would be successful. The opposite of discipline is disorder. If you can learn to be disciplined with your time, your focus, energy, priorities, and boundaries, that is what will bring so much momentum.

13:25 #6: FEAR

Courage is the opposite of fear – the big F word that everybody deals with in some capacity. Fear will hold you back in every area of your life. If you can get comfy with facing the fears that are in front of you, you will blow the cap off of what you think is possible right now. 

I am 8 years into my business and I am up against fears that I have to push through. I have to be so hyper aware of fears that creep in so I can work through them. 

17:50 #7: Burnout

Energy is the opposite of burnout. When people are stuck, it’s because they’re burnt out and lack energy to be creative, pour into others, or even show up themselves. If you can learn to manage your energy, you will have so much more ability to take care of everything else. 

20:32 Quick Recap

These are the positives that will get you unstuck: belief, clarity, consistency, alignment, discipline, courage, and energy. If you can figure out where you might be missing the boat, I promise you that as you focus on shifting those, you will feel so much fire.

26:11 A Special Announcement – Ignite Your Life

I am so obsessed with helping people find joy in their lives because I don’t believe that you can’t be successful in both business, motherhood, or your career. You can be successful in every area that is most important to you. Over the years, I’ve heard from so many that are lacking the courage or hope to grow their business.

There are things that must be in place to reach the level of success needed to transform your life. If you’ve been following me online, you know that I’m creating a course.

The doors are now OPEN for the beta version, open to 50 women only. I want to help YOU take your business and life to the next level.  

I am pouring my heart and soul into this 12-module course. This course will help you rise up with more purpose, harmony, and flow. I want to help you reach a level of success without giving up the things you value.

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