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Manifestation & Money Mindset w/ Minnie Sami


In this episode, I am joined by Minnie Sami to talk all about manifestation and money mindset. We discuss Minnie’s journey from depression to success, how to manifest what you want in your life, the power of shadow work, the balancing of energy, and so much more.

Show Notes: 

00:48 An Introduction to Minnie Sami

Minnie is a manifestation coach, content creator, and beauty business owner from the U.K. Her mission is to empower women to create complete freedom and abundance in their life through manifestation, mindset, and inner healing after her personal journey of overcoming depression, anxiety, and self doubt.

She started her interest in spirituality and mindset at the age of 11. Coming from this, she didn’t fit in or really have social acceptance. This led her to depression and anxiety. She moved through this by connecting with her spirituality.

03:55 A Message to Somebody with Depression

Minnie’s story is an example that you CAN overcome your depression. You can’t predict the future and it causes so much suffering. Coming back into the present moment is a big piece of her story and process. Take a few breaths, look around, and find a few things that you are grateful for right now.

06:09 Shadow Work & Manifestation

The word manifestation is a big topic, and shadow work is very similar. Shadow work is subconscious and inner healing. It’s looking at the things that you can’t see, such as your beliefs. When you think of manifestation, it can feel very foreign and “woo woo.” However, we manifest things all the time (without even realizing it). When you come back to the simple fact that manifesting is bringing something into reality, it’s more accessible.

19:00 Think and Grow Rich

I’m currently reading this book for the third time because I get SO much out of it every time. But the first time I read it, I was not ready to fully embrace it. Looking back, this all stemmed from the title of the book. I had some HUGE money blocks that I had to work through over the years.If somebody has a money block or wants something bigger than their necessities, the first and most important step is to become aware.

Book Recommendation: The Magic of Thinking Big

30:55 How to Get Into Receiving Mode

There’s a lot of layers in getting into receiving mode. Some of the easy & introductory ways to think about it would be first looking at your receptivity to anything in life. Then, learn how to balance your masculine and feminine energy. Masculine energy is about pushing and giving, and feminine energy is about receiving and having. If you’re always trying to hustle and push your way to success, are you balancing that out by taking time to receive and have self care?

37:40 How Minnie’s Life Has Shifted

The transformation is a complete difference. You can see that in the external world because Minnie now owns 2 businesses and travels the world. She’s been able to fulfill amazing dreams and foster relationships that she desired.

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