The secret to lowering your body fat is BUILDING MUSCLE!!

Are you ready to turn your body into a 24/7 fat burning machine?!?

This simple yet incredibly effective philosophy is what the new at-home workout program, #MBF is all about.

Round 2 Early Access VIP Support Group Starts the week of July 27th!!!

Here's a sneak peek into how MBF is laid out... 

  • 3 Week Program 
  • 7 Days per Week 
  • Each Workout is 24-40 minutes
  • 3 Days of Lifting
  • 3 Days of Cardio
  • 1 Day of Recovery

**The first 3 weeks you complete #mbf Muscle Burns Fat. The second 3 weeks you complete #mbfa Muscle Burns Fat Advanced.

Building muscle (to burn fat) also REQUIRES the right kind of fuel.

You have to EAT to build muscle, which is why you will be given access to TWO PREMIUM nutrition programs, 2B Mindset and Ultimate Portion Fix when you purchase your #MBF pack.
[These nutrition programs are normally sold separately]

#MBF plus a dialed-in focus on nutrition IS the complete solution!

Oh! And I don't want to forget that when you join #MBF, you will also become a lifetime member of my Virtual Gym.

Hey! I'm Micah!! A mom of 4 who is NOT afraid to build muscle!!!! Over the last 7 years I've been working out from home, building stronger muscles one day at a time.

I coach women like you who want to create a more regular fitness routine, so they have more energy for all the things they wanna do in life!!

#MBF is a great program to start or recommit to your fitness goals. I'd love to be your coach!!

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