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Living From the Inside Out with Push Coach Josh Coats


Do Your Crap Podcast

In this episode, I am joined by Josh Coats to talk about his growth during the last 9 months of quarantine and how he started living from the inside out. We talk about the power of appreciation, masculine vs. feminine, and so much more. If you’re ready to push yourself to the next level – this episode is for YOU.

Show Notes: 

3:10 2020 Was a HARD Year

Everything we’re going to talk about today is about Josh’s discoveries from 2020.He’s an extrovert and quarantine hit him pretty hard. On top of that, he hurt his back and during that time, he had a moment of feeling like something inside of him was wrong. Thankfully, through enough personal growth, he took some time to explore and figure out where these feelings were coming from.

13:06 The Power of Appreciation

“Because making memories is just as valuable as making progress, I choose to enjoy the people, places, and things that I already have in my life.”

Josh took a moment to stop and think and find appreciation and gratefulness for the things he already has in life. Even just taking 2 or 3 minutes to think about the things that you have in life will completely change your feelings in that moment.

16:25 Masculine vs. Feminine

Josh has a natural drive in him. It’s built in that he wants to work really hard!

There is harmony between both by doing what you need to do but also having trust at the same time. When you feel out of balance, it’s generally because one of your masuline or feminine energies is out weighing the other.

Book Recommendation: The Power of Full Engagement

25:30: Built In Habits of High Performers

People need to have planned unintentional time to become healthier people! Most entrepreneurs are working 12-16 hours per day, have notifications turned on 24/7, and take no time to check-out. They’re trying to compete 16 hours per day!

Book Recommendation: No Limits by John Maxwell

Consistency + Intensity + Recovery + Time 

34:30 Starting Over Time and Time Again

All of us fall off the wagon at times, but don’t keep telling the world! Staying on the wagon is easier than jumping on and off again. There is no such thing as a “fresh start”. Either you continue what you built or start from scratch.

You are either climbing up the hill or sliding down it. The only thing you do by default is slide. People only put together enough consistency to climb for 2-3 weeks or 2-3 months, then start to slide back down again.

If you’re somebody struggling with this right now, it comes down to your “Why”. 

39:06 Positive Mindset vs. Growth Mindset

The reality is that negative emotions come from either a limiting belief or something that is to come (if you don’t fix something – this is what will come). Stop pretending that everything is gravy, sit down, and have a serious conversation with yourself.

When your actions and words are in alignment – your life and outcomes will explode!

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