How to prepare and get through labor without any pain meds

labor without pain meds

If you are considering a natural birth and and looking for advice on how to get through labor without pain meds, I’d love to share my experiences with you! After having 6 babies… 2 with epidurals, 1 with an intrathecal that was done too late to even help, and 3 unmedicated for pain, every one of my birthing experiences was so unique. After having our 3rd (Brigg) unmedicated and feeling SO empowered and loving the experience but also knowing what type of pain I had to go through, I decided to get an epidural with our 4th (Fynnlee) then ended up with a spinal headache for 7 weeks that was hellllllll. That was a big reason why I decided to go unmedicated again with both Rev and Beck and I had to do some serious mindset work and meditation around some of the fears I had and the resistance I was feeling to get ready for both. I truly believe that there’s no wrong way to bring a baby into the world as long as mama and babe are safe! Whether you’re a first-time mom or have experienced childbirth before, I want to share with you what I’ve done to prepare and get through labor without pain meds.

1- Stay mobile and keep moving. When in labor, different positions help things progress & move the baby in different ways so try lots and see what feels best! To prepare for this, stay active during your pregnancy so your body is used to movement. Movement is movement, so do what feels good!

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2- Lots of PREP work before your actual labor is crucial. Breath work, meditation, mindset & positive affirmations, education to understand how to work WITH your body & your baby throughout the process instead of fighting it. Get into a solid routine of meditation and breathing exercises everyday, I promise the investment will be well worth it!

3- Laboring in water…. the BEST ever. Takes a lot of the pressure off and allows you to relax as much as possible through those more intense contractions.

4- Having a team to support you. JD, my husband, watched some videos on the counter pressure techniques and Jonnie was there to help when we needed a 2nd helper. My mom was there for support and encouragement & documenting throughout. My midwife had my back as far as my birth plan went and then I trusted her when things needed to shift in order to keep progressing. Make sure you trust your team and you’re all on the same page for how you want the experience and environment to feel throughout.

5- Know why you want to experience the miracle of birth fully. While a lot of the things I mentioned above helped me manage the pain more effectively – it’s still that. And having a bigger reason than just bragging rights that you went unmedicated is essential. Know why the pain will be worth it. Know why going without pain meds matters to you more than alleviating the pain before you’re in the heat of it or else you’ll be calling for an audible and getting the pain meds or epidural when that intense pain hits you like a semi truck. That’s not a conversation you wanna be having with yourself in the moment. Make the decision beforehand and prepare yourself as best as possible to embrace what comes.

More than anything… know that you are strong and capable and miraculously made to bring life into this world. You got this mama! If you’d like fitness and nutrition support pre and post birth, I’d love to coach you! Shoot me an email at micah@micahfolosmfit.com or DM me on IG @lifeonfolsomfarm. I’d love to learn more about your journey and help you along the way! Just make sure to mention this blog post when you reach out!

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Hi, I’m Micah! Wife to a cattle rancher and homeschool mom to our 6 kids on our small farm in Southeast Idaho.

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