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Identifying your Purpose and Quantum Goal Setting with John Templeton


Do Your Crap Podcast

Description: In this episode, I am joined by guest speaker all the way from Australia, John Templeton! John is a high performance mindset coach who works with professional athletes, olympic athletes, CEOs, and on top of that – he is a Guinness world record holder! John shares about the time he hit a rock bottom, his Guiness world record, quantum goal setting, spending time in nature, and so much more!

Show Notes: 

2:05 Rock Bottom to World Record

John’s rock bottom was due to losing large sums of money and a difficult relationship with his partner. The stress was literally crushing his soul. 

John used his love for endurance based activities to change his life AND set a world record! His Guiness world record was doing the most amount of strict muscle ups (1,025) in 24 hours.

7:47 What Differentiates The Best?

Discipline is the difference between high achievers and not. Their goal takes precedence over almost everything else in life. Whenever you feel frustrated that you aren’t getting something you want – take a good hard look at your priorities. Your actions and where you spend your time will show you what you truly prioritize. 

10:24 How Does Someone Find What Is For Them?

Step One: If you are stressed in your life, you will not find the purpose for your life. Get into a peaceful state.

Step Two: Look at the specific things that drive you. These are your intrinsic drivers. List the activities that bring you true genuine joy and start there (you may need to dig back into your childhood).

16:36: John’s Morning Routine & High Achiever Habits

Drink water first. No eating and straight to the workout if it’s a cardio day (2-3 times per week). On weight training days, he will eat a few pieces of toast and hit the weights (3 times per week). Wake up at 5:30am! This is something that’s normal with the people that John works with.  After training, John will drink a smoothie and start to set up his day’s tasks ahead.

20:44 Surround Yourself With The Right People

People learn through osmosis and if we are around 5 other people and they all have a thermostat higher for their standard, by being around them, we will naturally raise to those standards.

You have to find a circle that pushes you and helps you level-up!

25:12 Quantum Goal Setting

John loves what quantum physics is teaching and there are a few core principles that once understood – can really change things – one of which being the Power of Intention. What we believe in is what we see!

John explains the Rice Jar Experiment.

Three Steps of Quantum Goal Settings:

  1. Get the compass set.
  2. Plan areas of life that are inline with their compass.
  3. Depolarizing any memories from the past that have led someone to believe that they are not worthy or not good enough.

40:10 Go Into Nature For One Week

John recommends going into nature for a week and seeing what happens. If you’re constantly triggered by the same things – your life becomes a habit and you’ll never change. Getting into nature will allow you to open up your mind to new insights.

42:00 How to Beat The External Funk (Out Of Our Control)

John believes that if you know that everything will always be okay is the most important priority. Lean into your faith in a higher power. What allows us to do that is knowing that the whole world is constantly seeking balance. Right now the tide is out and the world is out of balance, but the answer is yes – the tide will come back in. Stay on track with your goals and if you’re called to do something, go for it. If that calling is from stress, refocus yourself.

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