My 2021 Holiday Survival Guide 

created for moms, by a mom 

Hi! I'm Micah! And I've pulled together my best tips + advice for you to survive the holidays with grace, gratitude and presence, all while staying on track with your health & fitness goals! 

What's Included in the Holiday Guide.... 

  • My holiday bucket list project, so that you and your family don't miss out on creating all the memories!
  • My 4 go-to rules about eating that have helped me stay on track every year during the holidays!
  • 10 ways to avoid overeating when all you want to do is eat allll the things and worry about it later. 
  • 5 creative ways to save money this holiday, because let's be real... it can easily get out of hand!
  • My simple and easy-to-do tips to stress-free holiday, so that you can focus your energy on being present with your family!
  • My super secret weapon to staying energized and reducing cravings during the holidays 

Soooooo, if you wanna create a holiday full of memories without breaking the bank OR squeezing yourself into your jeans, you gotta grab my guide!!!

Did I mention, it's FREE!?!?

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For the past 8 years, I have been blessed with the opportunity to work with hundreds of women around the world, helping them grow in every area of their life. Starting with fitness and nutrition and then diving deeper into the reasons why most of us struggle with our health in the first place!  

I created this holiday guide for a couple reasons! One is because last year I found myself wondering where the holidays went. I was so caught up in the hustle and bustle of prepping for another baby and running my business and getting ready for the holidays, we barely snuck in any of the fun stuff! I sat there wondering, how the heck did I let that happen??  

That’s when I decided I had to be more intentional this time of year. I wanted to create a bucket list of traditions that my family would do every year. I also wanted to practice more gratitude for everything I had in my life during this special time of year. And of course, I want to help more women make healthier choices, not just for themselves, but for their families - financially & physically! Which is the second reason I created this, I know how hard it is to stay healthy and keep your family healthy during this time of year. It’s never fun to feel sick, tired and stressed during the holidays. I want you to feel happy, light and grateful for everything you have built in your life.  

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