Healthy Habits of Happy Moms!!!

healthy habits

I have worked with thousands of moms since starting my business, so I have a lot of experience on what healthy habits create more happiness as a mom! Being a healthy mom is one thing, but what about being a healthy AND happy mom?!?

I believe that being in good health also includes taking care of your mental health. These healthy habits not only cover your physical wellbeing, but your mental wellbeing as well! The healthy habits I am sharing with you are easy to implement and may just transform your life! 

9 Healthy Habits You Can Implement TODAY!

Healthy Habit ONE:

Ask for help! Now, if you are the kind of mom who thinks she can do it all (you are not alone!), you will quickly find out that burnout is the 1st cousin of I-don’t-need-help. Have you ever heard the phrase… ‘it takes a community’? Well, I am here to remind you that it does take a community and unfortunately our culture has shied us away from working together. Everything we do can be done so independently, but the reality is, we need each other for support!

Ask for help, even if you just need a 30 minute nap, it’s so worth it! And I promise, most people are very willing to lend a hand.

healthy habit two:

Get out of the house! Even if you just go for a walk down the road, getting out of the house and getting a little sunshine can shift any negative attitude!!  Pack up the kids to get some fresh air and sunshine.

Being stuck in the house can feel so paralyzing, which can lead to all sorts of depressing feelings. So, let the wind, the sun, the fresh air help elevate your mood today! 

healthy habit three:

Get your rest on! I know it’s not always easy to get a full night’s rest, but do what you can to go to bed early! If TV makes you want to stay up late, make a conscious choice to skip the TV and read a book instead. Prioritize your sleep and you will see a difference in how you feel. There is something so refreshing about a good night’s sleep!

healthy habit four:

Listen to your body. Yes, your body speaks to you! Some days it’s full of energy, other days it’s not. Do your best to take care of your body when it’s calling for care. Some days, much sleep won’t be needed, but be ready for the days when it is. Both are valid. Just because you are tired does not make you lazy or unworthy – tired just means your body needs rest, that’s all.

And while we are on this note, your body knows when food is good and when food is bad. Take note when you eat something your body is not a fan of or if something makes you feel off or groggy. Food can have a big effect on your body and your mood! 

healthy habit five:

Forgive. Forgive yourself, forgive your kids, forgive your spouse/partner. Forgive your neighbor, forgive your parents, forgive that cranky woman at the grocery store.

In my experience, no one is intentionally hurting you, they are just processing some of their own internal battles and you just happened to be present when they were coming out. They really are doing their best, so forgive them and forgive them again! Holding onto resentment is like drinking poison and wishing someone else would die. It’s painful and never ends.

Good news is, you have a choice to forgive – so start practicing! Oh and I will say this…. Forgiveness does not mean the way they treated you is okay. 

healthy habit six:

Move your body everyday! Out of all the moms I work with, I am always hearing about how much a daily sweat really puts them in a good mood. I know, I know… it’s tough to find time to fit it in with everything else, but start small. 15 minutes a day for a good sweat sesh is the perfect start!

And if you can, do it the morning before anyone else in the house wakes up, because once they do, you will never do anything else for yourself – lol! 

healthy habit seven:

Date Your Spouse! I know life is busy, it’s hard to find someone to watch the kids, and by the end of the week you just wanna relax and lay low. But that quality one on one time with your partner is so essential to keep the fire burnin’!

Make the time for dates. Schedule them in just like you schedule in your kids’ appointments and make them a priority! And if you don’t have a partner, make a date with a girlfriend or with yourself – it will be exactly what you need! 

healthy habit eight:

Make a PLAN!! Look, making a plan does not mean you have to follow it to a ‘T’. It just means you have something to follow and something to guide you along the way – it’s like your north star.

When we have something to work towards – whatever it is – we feel more fulfilled in our work. And remember that a change in plans is always part of the plan!

healthy habit nine:

Spend one-on-one time with each of your kids. I love alone time with each of my kids! ⁣They are each so different when the other siblings aren’t in the equation and ⁣special moments are created when you get to break them away from the pack and just play and talk one on one! ⁣

Final Thoughts…

Even through the chaos of raising a family, we can find time to take care of ourselves and choose to be happy. The example we are setting for the future generations to come is a ripple effect we will never truly know the width of!

“I think if you love what you do, and the choices you’ve made in your life, somehow that drives you forward to enjoy it all. Even the chaos, even the exhaustion of it, and even when it seems out of balance.” ~Angelina Jolie

If you don’t know where to start, I recommend grabbing my free e-course called Simple Game Plan for Busy Moms. I made for YOU!

Micah Folsom

Hi, I’m Micah!

Hi, I’m Micah! Wife to a cattle rancher and homeschool mom to our 6 kids on our small farm in Southeast Idaho.

I’m a top network marketing leader in the health & wellness space, Host of the Do Your Crap Podcast, Creator of my program for network marketers called Ignite Your Life and most recently helping my husband, JD with our new business selling homegrown beef subscription boxes so more families can enjoy delicious meals together with the peace of mind knowing exactly where their meat was raised.

I’m a huge believer that women can live multi-passionate lives and still honor their family values, letting our heart tugs pave the way for us to live out our fullest potential and be the light we’re meant to be.

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