Fill out the short form below. Click "submit", and I'll send you an email with more details as well as the link to the full goal form I will need you to fill out.

And the investment is MUCH less than you'd except when working with a personal coach. The investment to join ranges from $140-290, depending on your goals!

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Pregnant and postpartum mamas are welcome!! Fill out the form below and we will create a custom plan for you, with your doctors approval, of course!

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Meet Micah.

Hi! I'm an LDS mom of 4 (with baby 5 coming in March 2021!), so I know first hand how hard it can be to make time for yourself. It can feel overwhelming and stressful - and the thought of making some changes seems distant and unrealistic.  

The one thing that changed it ALL for me was being part of a community where I had daily accountability and a community to lean on!

You CAN create a life that works for you and your family! I'm here to mentor and guide you through the process of working on your own health journey so that you stay healthy and well for LIFE!

Your membership gives you life long access to me as your virtual wellness coach and a complete customizable game plan for your fitness, nutrition and supplements.

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