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Eliminate Toxicity in Your Life with AmyJo Mattheis


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In this episode, I am joined by career coach AmyJo Mattheis to talk about how to eliminate toxicity from your life using Amy’s three primary energies to focus on. We also chat about shifting your narrative, daily activities to navigate hardships, and so much more. Amy is a career coach, Founder & CEO of Pavo Coaching, and holds an abundant amount experience to share with us!  What we’re diving into today is applicable to everyone – no matter if you work from home or in an office atmosphere.

Show Notes:

1:50 Amy’s Story

Amy’s background is rich and diverse. Growing up, there are steps that everyone believes that we should take in our career and if you miss a step, it’s time to panic! Today, Amy is resharing her story and is proud of the journey she’s been on. She kicked off her career in international development, then to bible school, then to being a professor, then back into international development!

7:08 What is Pavo Navigation Coaching?

Pavo is latin for peacock. If a peacock digests anything toxic, their body breaks it down and changes it into healthy nutrients when it comes out the other end (like fertilizer). That is what Amy does at her company – they equip people with tools when they are in those toxic situations. These tools apply to many aspects of life.

9:48 Fear, Lack, and Separation

From all of Amy’s experience and academics – she has come to believe that three primary energies have shaped our world today from how we do business, government, success, good and bad. These are Fear, Lack, and Separation. The opposing energies to these are love, abundance, and unity. My mission is to help people understand and utilize love, abundance, and unity and how you can DO it.

20:28 How to Start Shifting Your Narrative

There are a couple of foundational tools that may sound simple, yet powerful.

Grace and Ease: If you’re in a place of feeling stressed, butterflies, waves of heat, etc, remind yourself to breathe in order to calibrate yourself again. Then ask yourself – do I have to do this thing?

29:00 Identifying the Story of Hard

We need to identify the “story of hard”, which will help us identify the somatic indicators, shifting to say “I want to tell a new story” and have energy that I really want to put out to the world, and then choosing to tell the “story of easy”. This is a foundational tool for you to use – forever!

31:24 The Narrative Closet

Each one of us has our own narrative closet, and we started filling this closet the day that we were born. This story tells us about the people we are, who is good and bad. We wear these “clothes” no matter if they’re too tight or too loose, because we can’t choose to take them off until we know that’s an option.

36:48 In the Midst of Craziness

In the midst of all of the craziness, you can ground yourself in the love, abundance, and unity even as you’re witnessing the lack and separation in the world today. See it, name it, and choose not feed it or make it bigger.

How can you make a choice from love, abundance, and unity?

39:38 Daily Practices that Help!

Any kind of ritual that you can set up for yourself that feeds your own personal experience of abundance is an important thing for you to do. Also, somewhere in your home or office, create a space that is just for you – a sacred space.

45:43 I Am That (Last Tool!)

Just say “I am whole, I am enough, I am capable, I am that”. Repeat this exercise to yourself when you are about to go through some type of hardship. You can even write it on a sticky note on your desk, and you can say it to yourself whenever you want to or feel like you need it!

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