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Creating a Healthy Environment on Social Media


Do Your Crap Podcast

In this episode, I take a deep dive into the controversial yet important topic of social media consumption and how to create a healthy realationship with your social media. What makes social media emotionally draining? Ho can you make your newsfeed a safe space?  And when to gaurd your emotions and energy against the content you consume.

Instead of feeling drained and heavy after logging on, let me teach you how I manage my social media time with success and freedom.

Show Notes: 

1:00 Creating Your Space on Social Media

With everything that is happening right now, it can feel really tough to be on social media. As many of you, I use social media as a tool to build my business and not showing up on social media just isn’t an option.

Ask yourself these questions: How much time are you consuming vs. how much time are you creating? How much of this time is essential and how much isn’t?

Also, who you follow on social matters. When I log on to my social media I want to feel inspired, which is why I am selective about my feed. I follow accounts  that put out content that help me grow and fuel my mind.

6:22 Guarding Your Emotions and Energy 

I highly recommend that you do NOT soak up everything as a sponge. You should learn to naturally repel certain people. When social media becomes fun and unstressful – you stop caring what people think and how much engagement is generated. If you love it – put it out there! If it’s a message you want to share – put it out there! Who cares what happens after that?

9:30 Learn to Use the Block Button

“Block” is my favorite button on social media. I block people who spam and hate – they do NOT deserve to be on your page! If you get somebody who is attacking or nagging you, simply bless and release and block them.

13:11: Unplug From Social Media

It is SO important to unplug. You need to have boundaries, block out your social media time, block out time to build your business, and make sure you are unplugged for at least a few hours per day. Do NOT let social media take over your life!

15:03 Create a Healthy & Positive Space on Your Social Media

Know with confidence that you can actually have a space that you love to get on to that makes you feel energized and inspiredIf you’re following people that make you feel defeated, compared against, or less than, simply unfollow them. If you’re following people that always post things that are heavy and negative, unfollow them.

Be hyperactive about the space that you are creating. This is especially important if you are building a business online.

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