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Building Self Belief


Do Your Crap Podcast

In this episode, I interview Leadership Business Coach, Kyle Sullivan about how we build our self belief. I love this topic, so we were able to easily dive deep into the daily battles we all face within ourselves, how to overcome limiting beliefs, Kyle’s recommendations for taking action, and so much more.

If you are someone who is always ‘self-sabotagging’ when you set a goal, this episode is for YOU!!! It’s time to STOP focusing on the negativity in your brain and start becoming 1% better every single day. 

Show Notes: 

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1:34 Introducing Kyle Sullivan

Today we are joined by Ashley’s coach, Kyle Sullivan. Kyle is a husband, dad, coach, and based out of Tulsa, Oklahoma. For the last eleven years, he has been in various leadership roles in business and ministry. On July 1st, he took the leap of pursuing his coaching and consulting business full-time. 

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4:10 You vs. You – How Does Somebody Overcome Limiting Beliefs?

Kyle explains that the first battle is between you and only you. It’s not a battle that’s finished once, but it’s something that will reoccur as time progresses. One of the first questions he asks is “what do you want and what do you believe is possible?”

Don’t get yourself stuck in the belief that 2020 SUCKED! Our belief is what channels us for growth.

How powerful are our thoughts? When our minds do brain scans, they literally don’t know the difference between us thinking about something and what we actually perceive. If we can create a new reality, then we start to have that come to true fruition.

9:34 If You Can Think It, You Can Achieve It

We are limitless beings! Lack of belief often stems from the fear of rejection. If everyone just understood that we are here to learn, develop, and fail – everyone can do that.

We look at where people are at now and we have an unrealistic expectation that WE should be there now. Have you ever looked at a famous YouTuber’s FIRST video? All you have is all you need to do what you are called to do. Take action!

14:45 Recommendations For Taking Action!

Book Recommendation: Leadership and Self Deception: This book talks about getting outside the box and everything we perceive to be true we look for to justify our belief. 

Start to Dream! Read about people such as Steve Jobs, the story of Nike, and other successful people. We can stand on the shoulders of people who have done it before and learn from their achievements and journeys.

Book Recommendation: 7 Spiritual Laws of Success

Podcast Recommendation: School of Greatness

19:59 The Power of Your Thoughts

If you don’t believe in yourself first, check what the crap you’re saying to yourself first. Call out your mean girl thoughts and start to separate this negativity that you have so that you can start telling it leave. You will start to learn how to self coach.

Movie Reference: Inside Out

Become the next level of yourself because your thoughts drive your feelings, your feelings drive your actions, and your actions drive your results.

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