From Our Farm to Your Table

Our mission is to provide your family with homegrown delicious beef proudly raised in small town USA, offering peace of mind that you can feed your family tasty beef and know exactly where it came from.

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All of our cattle are homegrown on our farm in scenic Rexburg, Idaho. JD is a cattle veterinarian by trade and he and his team are caring for these animals from conception to product delivery.

The humane treatment of our herd is of the utmost importance to us. Every measure is taken to ensure the health and wellbeing of the animals, each being selected for genetic excellence.

Our cattle are never given growth-promoting hormones. They are fed and nurtured for optimal health and production and we spend countless hours as a family monitoring the herd and providing attentive care.

All the cattle are raised on our own pastures for the first year of life and are grain finished over 5-6 months. They are fed a balanced ration to provide optimal protein, energy and fiber, consisting of: hay, corn silage and mashed potato (we are in Idaho afterall).


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