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Becoming Unstoppable


Do Your Crap Podcast

In this episode, I talk to business coach Kelly Roach about her journey into entrepreneurship, embracing the struggle, the characteristics of a successful CEO, and how she teaches other business owners how to become unstoppable!

Also known as The Business Catalyst, Kelly helps business owners become game changers in their field and achieve million dollar+ breakthroughs in their business.

Show Notes: 

1:20 Introducing Kelly Roach

Today’s guest is Kelly Roach. Also known as The Business Catalyst, Kelly helps business owners become game changers in their field and achieve million dollar+ breakthroughs in their business.

Beginning her career as an NFL cheerleader, to working in sales at a fortune 500 company, Kelly started her coaching company in 2012 with a dedication to empowering entrepreneurs to build the life of their dreams.

Kelly Roach Coaching
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4:33 Embracing The Struggle From Corporate to Self-Employed

I want to find out if Kelly struggled with the pivot back in 2012.

On one hand, she was made for more and working in a corporate setting wasn’t her calling. However, starting the journey of entrepreneurship with no network and foundation was a battle every single day. 

Kelly believes one of the reasons most entrepreneurs fail is because it doesn’t feel like what you may have signed up for. Creating a self-sustained company is a 5 and a 15 year journey. There is NO magic pill.

8:10 The Long Game

The long game is everything! The phrase that Kelly uses often is “you have to train for your business like an athlete trains for a sport”. Your business is a calling and it’s a lifetime commitment.

9:15 Entrepreneurship is a Personal Growth Journey

I want to hear what Kelly would say about women who rely on motivation. She believes that discipline in and of itself is doing what needs to be done when you don’t feel like doing it. If you only do things when you feel like it, your results will be poor.

12:56 Characteristics of a Successful Entrepreneur

3 noticeable signs of a successful entrepreneur or CEO, per Kelly… 

  1. Massive Imperfect Action
  2. Speed to Implementation
  3. Extraordinary Level of Personal Accountability

Everyday you wake up and you have a decision. You’re unstoppable or you’re not.

16:25 Struggling with Belief

What has Kelly seen that has helped her clients overcome self doubt?

  1. You believe that you are put on this planet with a purpose
  2. Beliefs can be broken down and replaced at any time

Distractions are temporary. Legacy is forever.

23:03 Finding Harmony and Balance

So what would you say specifically to an entrepreneur about the idea of balancing it all?

  1. Get help! Don’t try to do it all (help at home, support with kids, personal assistant, etc).
  2. Get aligned! Is what you’re doing in your everyday life a match with your vision for life?

Get clear on what brings you joy, and let somebody else do the jobs that can be delegated (even if it’s just an 80%).

26:30 What Does Success Look Like to You?

Kelly believes that success is when your heart and your soul are in alignment with how you’re living your life. Congruency is your success. Milestones and things won’t make you happy – it’s all about the journey.

For the woman that wants more, Kelly wants you to remember that you just need to keep going. It gets easier because YOU get better.

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