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Becoming the Biggest Version of Ourselves : Interview w/ Transformation Coach Desiree Cocroft


becoming ourselves

In this episode, I am joined by Desiree Cocroft to talk all about becoming the biggest and best versions of ourselves. We talk about figuring out the next step in life, breaking through self sabotage, and getting clear on your self image. Desiree is a personal and professional transformation coach who helps female entrepreneurs determine what comes next in life. She’s a lover of brunch, lives in Philadelphia, is a woman of faith, and so much more.

2:15 An Introduction to Desiree Cocroft & Her Story

Desiree’s first experience with knowing what she wanted to do in life was at 17 years old. Her first job was a Teen Mentor and taught about self-esteem, decision making, and relationships to teenagers. She quickly became a personal development nerd! Over the years, she worked in a non-profit with women and over time, she determined her goal to help women become the greatest and best self. Over time, she moved more towards coaching and consulting with leaders and women entrepreneurs.

5:22 Figuring Our Next Step in Life

I think the word desire is so powerful – that’s where everything is planted! When you have your heart tugs, you have to fully embrace that, even if you don’t know how it’s going to happen. To help people who DO know what they want take action steps, Desiree suggests looking at what you accomplished in the past. What mistakes and failures have you learned from?

So many people get stuck in the learning phase, and they forget that they actually have to take action in order to fully learn and fully step into their confidence.

13:35 Deciding Who You Need to Become

So often, people want to do the things in order to become the higher version of ourselves. But that’s backwards! One example that Desiree shares is that prior to Covid – she ran a marathon! And in order to prepare to run a marathon, she had to put herself into a runner’s mindset. This is an example that we don’t get what we want, we get who we are. If you’re a person who has a procrastination habit – you’ll get results that stem from that. 

Identities are so powerful because we wear them like a jacket. However, you can remove that identity that doesn’t serve your life anymore, and simply put on a new one.

21:42 Self Sabotage & Why We Do It

Desiree believes that self sabotage is caused by limiting beliefs. The more we can identify the things that we experience on the inside, the more we can address them head on.

32:15 Self Image

I’ve learned that self image is your internal thermostat. When you start to get out of whack, it feels new and different because our self image hasn’t risen up with our actions. That’s when we start to backpedal to go back to your “comfy zone” where we think we should be. That’s why self image is one of the most important things to evolve as we go through life. Becoming aware of the things that do not serve us, and letting them go, is something that anybody can do.

47:40 Create Positive Emotions Every Single Day

So much of the negativity we face everyday is against our will or intentions. There are things that all of us can do to be intentional about creating positive emotions every single day. Start brain dumping the things that bring you the sparks of joy.

Click here to follow Desiree on Instagram. Get access to Desiree’s free Workbook on Clarity here.

Becoming ourselves
Becoming ourselves
Becoming ourselves
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