A Healthy Lifestyle Cannot be Defined by a Set of Rules

Healthy Lifestyle

From my experience as a healthy lifestyle coach, I have learned that staying well is about what you do everyday, not just when the threat ‘to get healthy’ is present. I am grateful that because of this virus epidemic, more people are waking up to the idea that they CAN put wellness on their priority list.

What I want you to understand is that yes there are a lot of ideas about a healthy lifestyle out there that you can follow, but ultimately it is a spectrum and looks different for every person and family. A healthy lifestyle cannot be defined by a set of rules or guidelines.

I know LIFE is busy and it’s easy to put your health and well-being to the side. But when all that running around stops, what do you have left? You have your health and well being. 

Putting your health on the priority list, in my opinion, is a PRIORITY.

Now is also the time to put YOURSELF on the priority list. You deserve it and so does your family. I know from my own experience that when I fill my cup, I can pour into others with more love and presence.

I want you to know that I am here, a real life person, ready to support you if you want it. I provide accountability, support with simple solutions and coaching all in a group setting – where you can connect with other women who are on a similar journey as you. Now is a time when supporting each other is SO essential!! 

Here are a few things you can think about when it comes to shifting into a healthier lifestyle.

Keep in mind, these topics cover a large part of the healthy lifestyle spectrum, but in no way cover it all! If you have a journal, I really encourage you to grab it and let these topics guide your writing. You might be surprised at what comes out. 

  • How much sleep do I get? Do I ever feel tired during the day? How is my sleep?
  • Am I mostly calm and relaxed throughout my day, or am I always stressed?
  • How do I show up for my family? Present or with a clouded focus?
  • How is my relationship with food? Do I love the food I eat? Do I feel guilty when I eat? Do I feel nourished after I eat?
  • How is my relationship with my body? Do I love the body I live in? Does it feel good when I move or exercise? Do I listen to what my body is saying to me? Does my body feel good?
  • Do I ever take time to sit, think, chill or just be?? Some people call this meditation, but it can also just be quiet time.
  • What did the word ‘healthy’ mean to me as a child? How has that shaped the way I look at being healthy as an adult?
  • Do my kids have access to a healthy lifestyle?
  • Do I hydrate myself with plenty of water and healthy whole foods like fruits and vegetables?
  • Have I ever noticed the way food makes me feel after I eat it?  (Maybe a food journal would be helpful?)
  • How is the intimacy with my partner? Do we take any time to deepen that relationship? Physically and emotionally? 
  • Do I honor my emotions? When I feel sad, do I allow myself to feel sad or do I push those feelings away? When I feel happy, do I allow myself to be happy? 
  • Do I have a yearning to learn more about living healthy? Is there a book or podcast I’ve been wanting to connect with so I can go deeper?
  • Do I have a healthy community I can lean into for support? Does being healthy all on my own work for me? Would I have more fun and be more successful at sustaining a healthy lifestyle if I had a community to support me?
  • Does the work that I do fulfill me? Am I happy with my current job or career and financial situation?
  • How are my current relationships? With family, friends, co-workers. Do these relationships lift me up? Do these relationships empower and support my growth? 

If you are an entrepreneur, I think it’s of the most importance to take care of yourself.

I believe that when you take care of yourself first you have a higher likelihood of being a successful business owner. When you fill your own cup, you are able to pour into others. And not just in a surface level way, you are able to REALLY serve people and show up as your best self!

As a business owner, you want your best self at the front, right? Things like focus, productivity, efficiency, confidence, creativity, leadership and positive outlook are all part of being a successful business owner, right? I see a correlation that when you live a healthy lifestyle these things seem to increase. 

You may find that, when you fuel your body right, your brain is fed and FOCUSED. 

If you take time to move your body each day, your CREATIVITY thrives. When you hydrate your body with water and whole foods, you radiate BEAUTY & CONFIDENCE. Take time to respect your body and your overall well being, you are able to LEAD by example. Meditate and your PRODUCTIVITY skyrockets. Daily personal development will give you a POSITIVE OUTLOOK no matter what is thrown your way. 

Listen to your body and take time to rest when you need it, and you will be more EFFICIENT when you sit down to work. Put yourself on the priority list and define for yourself what healthy living looks like to you! And be open to how it shifts and transforms with your journey!! 

Micah Folsom

Hi, I’m Micah!

Hi, I’m Micah! Wife to a cattle rancher and homeschool mom to our 6 kids on our small farm in Southeast Idaho.

I’m a top network marketing leader in the health & wellness space, Host of the Do Your Crap Podcast, Creator of my program for network marketers called Ignite Your Life and most recently helping my husband, JD with our new business selling homegrown beef subscription boxes so more families can enjoy delicious meals together with the peace of mind knowing exactly where their meat was raised.

I’m a huge believer that women can live multi-passionate lives and still honor their family values, letting our heart tugs pave the way for us to live out our fullest potential and be the light we’re meant to be.

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