Week 2 of 13 is a wrap and I wanted to share how 645 is going since I started! So, here’s a little recap and progress so far!

645 ⁣Nutrition, Meals & Supplementation

We’re committed to our nutrition program and incorporating the new intermittent fasting path with a 16:8 window most days – but I’m not married to it. A couple nights we are busy with kid stuff and we extended our window cause not eating is never an option.😜⁣

JD and I are doing one treat meal a week. This is my happy place. Eating lots of good foods and enjoying some pizza or a good burger and ice cream once a week makes it something we can do forever instead of just a quick phase and then going crazy eating all the things. ⁣

We don’t make all sorts of different meals. Our kids eat what we do!⁣ I cook double batches as much as possible to save time in the kitchen. ⁣Example – make up a double batch of my fave veggie + egg scramble so I don’t have to cook it all up the next day.😉⁣

645 Nutrition

Still having my pre + post workout supplements and superfoods + collagen every single day. That’s just a part of our norm forever. My milk supply is strong as ever! Rev is chunkin’ up beautifully.

My Results & Recap So Far

I’m feeling so strong and empowered after these workouts! ⁣I’m down 6.4 lbs so far and definitely feeling GOOD in my workouts! Overall I am loving this process so much! And if you heard my podcast this week……⁣

‘When you find more joy in the PROCESS, you’ll end up making the PROGRESS!’💯🔥⁣

645 results
645 results

Want to Join Me?

I’m starting my next wave of ladies with this program on August 9th! Get the info here! Then fill out your goal /order form here

⁣Celebrating all my friends who are crushing this program alongside me! It’s been a blast being on this journey together! 👏🏻💪🏻 Here’s to the next 11 weeks!🤟🏻


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