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Round 2 Starts Monday, August 9th!!

Functional Fitness to help you....

✔️move better

✔️move more often

✔️realign your body

✔️release chronic pain

✔️create more confidence in your body

✔️take ownership of your movement

because Movement is Medicine!

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This new program (645) is designed to correct mis-alignments in our bodies so we have less pain, making it easier for us to move!

Enrollment will open on July 6th and spots will be limited!

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Hi, I'm Micah!

I'm a mom of 5 (just had my 5th in March!) and the founder of The Do Your Crap podcast. I help women move past their self limiting beliefs in order to take the action needed everyday to create a healthy & fulfilling life!

For the past 8 years, I've been coaching women like you who want to get healthy and make it a part of daily life.

645 with Amoila Cesar is the perfect program to start or recommit to your fitness, nutrition and overall wellness goals because you will get the opportunity to learn how to move your body the RIGHT way.

I am on my 5th postpartum journey and will be committing to this program inside a private virtual community with all the women who want to do it with me. We will have a big focus on food mindset and nutrition as well!