Sweet Potato Protein Pancakes Recipe

So if you follow me on social media, then you probably know that I generally keep things simple and have the same types of foods over and over and over;) I have a peanut butter banana chocolate shake 99% of the time for breakfast—- but this morning I just wasn’t feeling it so I opted for something else instead…..


But not just any pancakes. HEALTHY, low carb, high protein, bomb dot com pancakes.

Here’s the recipe so you can try it out this weekend!

Sweet Potato Protein Pancakes:
Serves 1 hungry mama or one mama and her kiddo.

1 small sweet potato
2 eggs
1 scoop vanilla shakeology (or any vanilla protein powder could work too)
2 TB unsweetened almond milk (or til the consistency is pancakey)
a few dashes of cinnamon
coconut oil for the pan

Directions: Wrap the sweet potato is a wet papertowel and microwave for 5 minutes so it’s soft. Take out the insides and put into a mixing bowl. Add eggs, shakeology (or protein powder), almond milk, and cinnamon —- then mix with a fork til it’s pancake consistency. Add a tsp or so of coconut oil to a frying pan and heat on medium-low til pan is lightly coated. Add pancake mix — cook on one side then flip and cook on the other — obviously;) This recipe made 3 medium sized pancakes but it will depend on the size of your sweet potato:) I topped mine with a little bit of St. Joseph’s Sugar Free Syrup. But it would be super yum with fruit & almond butter too! ENJOY!! ❤️

For my 21 Day Fixers: This entire recipe would be 1 yellow, 2 reds, 1 tsp plus whatever you use for the toppings:)

Recipe for the yummiest sweet potato protein pancakes

The yummiest protein pancake you ever did see! 😉

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