Quick Healthy Snacks Your Kiddos Will Love

7f0a92aeb4c653e55c4da8aea3838d00How many times have you prepared a snack for your littles to find that they turn it down after you’ve spent nearly half the day prepping it? Children are picky and you have little time to spare in your busy life. That’s when simple, fast snack ideas are a must.

Check out a few snack options that will help save you save future time and headaches:

Shakes: Kids love shakes, and they’re the perfect way to sneak in some super healthy ingredients. Consider making a strawberry shake, and slipping a leaf or two of kale in (they’ll never know it’s in there), or serving them some of your nutrient-dense Shakeology!

frozenPeas_1590681cFrozen peas: This one sounds crazy, but it’s a hit with kids! Who can say they’re able to get their kids to willingly eat their peas? Probably no one. But when you serve up some frozen peas in a bowl, your kids will go crazy for their sweet taste!

5ee41dd72d95ff9296d50770be4b52caApple sandwich: Cut the core out of an apple and then cut it in ¼ to ½” slices and then spread your favorite filling – peanut butter, yogurt, fat-free caramel – in the middle for a super savory treat.

13296290275_4437f41a39_zFruit or veggie animals: Kids go crazy over funny food animals. Whatever the food is, make its presentation creative to help encourage your kid to devour it. The more you make healthy food fun, the more they’ll be willing to eat it.

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