Insanity Max 30 TEST GROUP


Is anyone else as STOKED for Shaun T’s new program to finally be here as I am?! Insanity Max 30 is gonna be off the CHAINS and I can’t wait to get my hands on it. I loved insanity but I could never freakin finish the 2nd half of the program! It just got too long for me and I couldn’t hack it! Lame-O!

But I got to preview one of these new MAX 3o workouts live with Shaun T at the leadership conference in September and it was BOMB.  If you want to be the FIRST to know about the launch details and have a chance to be in my first official MAX 30 TEST GROUP then click on the link below and drop your info so I can fill you in!

Here’s a quick preview!

Insane? YEAH BUDDY! Killer Results? Fo SHO!


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